Grade 10 Assembly: The Beauty of Chemistry

March 13, 2019

The G10 assembly continued as normal on March 12th . Before the presentation began, the SHSID 25th anniversary video made by the chemistry club was shown on the big screen. All of the students watched eagerly as the video demonstrated countless fascinating experiments in the lab. Though the chemical equations in the video may remind students of their tiring experiences in dealing with chemical knowledge, the vivid colors of real-life experiments sure gave them a new enthusiasm for the subject.


After the video finished playing, the presenters proceeded to introduce the charming chemistry community in the club as well as the events and competitions that the club members have participated in. They shared both helpful advice and humorous anecdotes on such competitions. As told by one presenter, saving time to fill out the answer sheet is really important. He speaks from experience as he mentioned that his team was very rushed towards the end of the test since no one remembered to fill out the answer sheet until the last few minutes.


The chemistry competition club hopes that with their presentation they may attract more students to join them and experience the beauty of chemistry.

(Written by 10(8) John Zou      Pictures by Dandan Zhou      Supervised by Dandan Zhou)