Grades 11-12: Club Showcase

March 14, 2019

On March 6th, 2019, the annual SHSID Club Showcase was held in the big auditorium. During this Club Showcase, leaders representing 29 clubs went on stage to briefly introduce their clubs and encourage fellow SHSID students to participate in their club activities. First, the A.B.M. Club and Human Orchestra were introduced by Claire and Summer. They prepared a very short Acapella performance to show their talents and then emphasized how passionately they have worked throughout the year, performing Acapella and even creating an album out of their cover songs. In the end, they encouraged students to join their clubs to make high school life memorable. After this first showcase, the SHSID club leaders to follow enriched the showcases with unique and intriguing content specific to their own respective clubs. Through the annual Club Showcase, the audiences learn about all of the diverse club activities at SHSID and are successfully encouraged to join clubs that incorporate their interests.

(Written by 11(1B) Eric Park       Pictures by 11(5) Sharon Zhao     Supervised by Hazel Gu)