Grades 1-8:New semester starts!

February 25, 2019

On February 20, 2019, students from the primary and middle schools returned to the campus and opened a new journey for the 2nd semester of the 2018-2019 school year.  Grades 1-8, including Pudong and Puxi campuses, all had their unique opening ceremonies to welcome the students.


The arrival of spring means the start of a new school semester! All of the primary students in SHSID gathered together in the primary auditorium to celebrate the start of our second semester.

Our students first watched movies made by teachers at the end of the first semester, reminding them of their daily school life at SHSID and various events and activities that they participated in during the first semester. Principal Liu and Vice-Principal Bao also welcomed our students back to SHSID and encouraged them to work hard to be the best possible student they can be in 2019.

Then, our six student representatives spoke in front of all the teachers and students at SHSID about how they felt and what they experienced in their time at our school. Our student representatives are Alan from grade 1, Caitlin and Charles from grade 2, Edward and Kelan from grade 3, and Ailyn from grade 4.

Finally, the Twelve-Star Awards were presented to students to close the ceremony. Each winner received a certificate and prizes from teachers and felt great pride and joy about their achievement. All of our teachers also are very proud of our students.

The opening ceremony was a great start to our new semester and we hope that our students keep working hard and enjoy their time in the final semester of this academic year.


The fifth and sixth graders, along with many SHSID faculties, attended the opening ceremony for the new semester on the first day of school since break.

The opening ceremony was the first of a series of formal ceremonies that framed the upcoming academic semester at SHSID. Above all, teachers and students warmly welcomed the newcomers to our school. All the events that will take place in the upcoming semester were presented to the student assembly by the director, Mr. Shen. Next, the principal, Mr. Liu encouraged students to use active learning techniques which mean relating new knowledge to that which was already known, and applying newly gained knowledge to new situations. In addition, Jerry from fifth grade and Olivia from sixth grade shared their own personal useful and practical study strategies to be a successful student here at SHSID. After their remarkable speeches, the star class and star students obtained some awesome awards. We wish everyone a fulfilling and productive next semester!


On the morning of Feb. 20th, Grade 7 and Grade 8 students attended the middle school opening ceremony in the auditorium.

Ms Shen, the Head of Grade 8, announced the Opening Ceremony first. Then Ryogo from class 7(3) talked to the students of time management. Then, Crystal from 8(11) gave an impressive speech about her experience in SHSID. Sarah Liu from 8(2) shared her experience of Service Learning.

Then Mr. Ni gave the speech. He talked about the exciting coming year as well as school rules. He praised students as well as encouraged students. After that, Mr. Liu, the principal, also gave speeches to the students.

Afterwards, they called out the names of outstanding students of the past year and gave them all awards: Rapid Progress awards, Sports awards, etc.. Happiness and pride was gleaming on their faces, as the winners. There is hoping that students have a happy and better time in the coming year.

Pudong Campus

With the blessing of the Lunar New Year, students came back to school after their wonderful winter holiday. On the morning of Feb. 20th, all the teachers and students of SHSID Pudong campus gathered together in the auditorium to have their opening ceremony for the new semester.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Ms. Liu, the director of Pudong campus, expressed her New Year wishes and expectations to all the students, encouraging them to continue their efforts and move forward bravely. Then, the representatives from Grade 1 to Grade 5 were invited to share their school life of the previous semester, and set new goals for the coming days. Following their wonderful presentations was the most exciting part of the ceremony-the prize giving ceremony! Semester stars were awarded to those who demonstrated their potential and efforts last term. Students came to the stage and won not only prizes but also the respect of all the people in the auditorium.

The opening ceremony ended with an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere. We hope everyone will have fun at school and make even more progress in the coming semester!

New Year and new semester-wishing all of our students a happy New Year and new progress in the new semester.