Announcement & Notice


January 8, 2019

      Since its establishment, SHSID has dedicated itself to the lifelong development of its students, encouraging their personal growth, promoting international awareness by providing a multi-cultural experience, developing an understanding of social skills and methodologies in the information age, and improving multi-lingual skills. SHSID has built a great reputation among parents as well as within the community for its educational philosophy. Thus, admission to SHSID is becoming increasingly competitive.

      Recently, it was found that several individual companies, intermediary service agencies and even individuals have fraudulently used the name of SHSID to establish various types of entrance examination preparation classes for the purpose of “assisting admission”, defrauding large sum of money from parents. As such, SHSID provides the follow statement:

1. SHSID follows the principle of public welfare education and has never signed any form of enrollment cooperation agreement with any individual, company or intermediary service organization. Further, SHSID does not have any form of enrollment cooperation with any organization.

2. There is no discrimination during SHSID’s admission process. SHSID adopts an open, fair, and uniform selection process for all qualified applicants.

      To this end, SHSID must solemnly remind parents, and the students who intend to go through our entrance process, to avoid being deceived. SHSID welcomes any information or evidence regarding individuals, companies, or institutions that misuse SHSID’s name or reputation. SHSID reserves the right to pursue legal action.

Shanghai High School International Division

January 8th, 2019