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The Beauty in Chinese Culture

November 22, 2019

Recently, the exhibitions “Inheritance” in the lobbies of Zhentao building and Xian Mian Building have attracted considerable attention. Stepping into the modern Zhentao building, a long scroll comes  into view, on the scroll is the masterpiece of a renowned Chinese poet Bai Juyi, “Chang hen ge”. Through the verses, intensive romance of the poet flows like the running river, impressing and moving every reader. On the other  wall, the meticulous paintings of plum blossom, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum which are collectively referred to as Four Gentlemen in Chinese culture, and the literati paintings of landscapes correspond well with each other. Above-mentioned scene is only part of the Chinese cultural exhibition themed “Inheritance” held by SHSID. To embody students’interest for Chinese culture and perceptions of Chinese traditional art, teachers and students from SHSID elaborated many art works. Besides, several students also tried fan-painting and Peking Opera mask-making at the exhibition.

There are also two fascinating exhibitions in Xian Mian Building. One is "Find the beauty of China – SHSID 2019 Teacher- Student Photography  Exhibition". Among the photos provided by Chinese and foreign teachers and students, there are beautiful sceneries of SHSID, night scenes of Shanghai, and natural scenery photos taken invarious parts of China.

Another exhibition is presenting essays from international students with the theme of ”The city I live in---Shanghai”. As Alex wrote: "I love the beauty of Shanghai, I love its convenience, I love its tolerance. I love Shanghai because my home is here. Shanghai is getting better and better every day. I Love Shanghai!" From students' words, you could fully feel their love for Shanghai as well as their excellent Chinese proficiency.

From the compulsory Chinese language courses to the elective Chinese culture courses offered by school, from the Chinese Culture Week to the "batik" class in PBL, from the Chinese magazines spontaneously organized by students to the study and performances of Peking Opera, from the dumplings-making to the Chinese architecture 3D Models-making joined by both Chinese and foreign teachers, from a variety of aspects including curriculum design, teaching activities, students’ activities, interactive activities between teachers, and environment arrangements, SHSID has always been striving to promote international students’ and teachers’ understanding and learning of Chinese culture, trying to make it an inner awareness in their study and work. In May 2019, the TV program “Shanghai Live” from International Channel Shanghai made an interview on SHSID, a Korean student from grade 11 mentioned that “through the study of Chinese and Chinese history, I am able to better understand the trend of historical development, and the reasons behind China’s tremendous achievements."

SHSID has always manifested the beauty of Chinese culture on campus, enabling teachers and students to feel the charm of Chinese culture and Chinese civilization in an incorporated cultural environment.

(Written by School Affairs Center of High School   Pictures by SHS Media Center)