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SHSID Stallions Step into Jr. NBA Finals the Third Year

January 18, 2019

On January 4th, SHSID faced Foreign Affairs School (Waishi) in the semifinals of the Jr. NBA tournament, ultimately winning the semifinals 88:87 and progressing to the finals for the third year in a row.


As the battle began, Waishi scored one point. SHSID quickly followed up with 2 points. Waishi continued with a three-pointer, but SHSID immediately retaliated with a three-pointer of their own, turning the tide in SHSID’s favor. Over the course of the game, Waishi and SHSID continuously fought over the lead. The point difference for both sides was consistently between 2 points. As the game approached its end, the tense gameplay and supportive audience filled the stadium with cheers. The game concluded with the close score of 88:87 in favor of SHSID.


This season, SHSID’s first game against Waishi resulted in a loss of 80:95 due to injured athletes and an incomplete roster. However, through perfect cooperation and strategy, as well as the individual dedication shown by all of SHSID’s athletes, SHSID managed to win against Waishi in the semifinals of the tournament.


An audience member exclaimed, “with every swish and block of the basket, I saw the audience captivated by the performance and the dedication of the athletes. The students have learned a lot about this sport and the virtues of teamwork by competing in this event.”

With SHSID progressing to the finals of the Jr. NBA basketball tournament, they will be facing Nanyang Model High School, a longtime top team, for the championship title on January 19th. We hope that through these games, a wider community can experience the splendor of competitive sports.