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G5-G6丨Art Festival

January 18, 2019

The snow of last week announced that winter is approaching. Despite the cold weather, the teachers and students in G5 and G6 of SHSID could not wait for the Art Festival to be held on December 20th. Being a part of the 25th Anniversary Celebration, the Art Festival is extraordinarily prepared.


The first performance was a student band performing “Shape of You”. The band consisted of four G6 boys. They seemed a little nervous while standing on the stage. However, the combination of different instruments expressed the melody in a fabulous way. The boys became immersed in their own performance. Then, the G6 performers played western instruments, like piano, violin, and marimba, as well as traditional flute and guzheng. The audience applauded for the brilliant shows of music and dancing.

The 5th grade students also showed their gorgeous skills. Apart from instruments, the girls’ dancing was the most impressive performance. Like the blooming flowers, the girls entirely showed their self-confidence on the stage.      



The spotlights of this Art Festival were the G5 harmonica and G6 bamboo flute. Everyone had spent much of their spare time on practicing. The shows from Boy’s Pop Dancing Club, Classical Dancing Club, and String & Wind Orchestra not only displayed the colorful club life of our school, but also gave the wishes for the peaceful Christmas and New Year.    




“Save the best to the last”. The performances from teachers were always highly appreciated. Students were enjoying since their teachers exposed another face in front of them. The teacher performances of “Take Me Out” and “All I Want For Christmas is You” gained the most cheers.                     



The show ended, but the enjoyment was endless. We wish everyone a happy new year and SHSID a happy birthday!