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Grade 10-Kaen O

Name: Kaen O

Grade: 10 (2012 School Year)

Country/Region: Japan

Hobby: watching movies, listening to the music or radio, reading books and play with friends

Awards: the star of LO



Why I’m at SHSID and what I’ve learned at school?

I have been studying at SHSID since I was in 6th grade. I was totally influenced by the teacher-student and student-student relationships, which made me enjoy and get adapted the middle school life quickly. SHSID is an international school with students from different countries and different cultures. It's happy for me to make a nice friendship with them and learn plenty of knowledge about different cultures.  Meanwhile, my field of vision is widened.

In my opinion, school is the pre-society where we can learn and practice how to deal with people. Hence participation more in social activities can obviously benefit us benefits. For example, after the ASB election, I learned how to write speeches correctly and persuasively while giving a speech in front of 500 students. Besides, I opened a club last semester, which directly challenge my ability of leadership and organization and the friendship became more concrete. Actually, there are about twenty clubs in my grade including different languages and culture, instrument and art, charity and volunteering, lifestyle and subject, and some other excellent clubs free for you to choose.


Favorite experience or activities at SHSID?

As I mentioned before, there are many experiences and activities at SHSID. It's hard to say which one is my favorite for me. The most interesting activity I ever have is the Science Fair. Let me explain the rules first: each class needs to organize a game about lab sciences like physics and chemistry for the challengers. Challengers must finish the game by applying what they have learned on the experimental sciences to get the stamps. There are three stamps for each class; the numbers of stamps depends on how the challenger finishes the game. And there’s one game I will never forget is lifting the table linen without the stuff in the table and linen falling down. I passed this game successfully and played it again. During the game, I learned about the physical principles of this game.

Most exciting moment at SHSID?

During the 9th grade, my English teacher usually changed our seats every two months. My original seat was on the fourth row of the window side corner, and I sited with my friends so we four were sitting together like a shape of square. But my English teacher moved my seat far away from them, at the first row of door side corner while my friends still sited at their original seats. When the class was over, we four gathered and discussed about how I could move back. Then we decided to send him e-mail first. However, the teacher didn't reply our messages at first. Then every time when the English class was over I walked a long way to their seats to talk with them, and walked all the way back when the class began again. I cannot remember how many messages we sent to the teacher, he finally retorted that it was not suitable to change seat back currently, and rejected us gently which made me think it hopeless to move back in the rest of the semester.

Fortunately, there was a “presentation day” on each Tuesday. Once upon a time, my friend was asked to give a presentation, so she brought her laptop. We suddenly realized that we could make a PPT for protesting about seating arrangement. Then we made a presentation together to my English teacher during the break. At last, he agreed to change my seat back with a helplessly smile. We did it! Not only our friendship bonded again as a team, the teacher-student relationship got closer too. We set a little surprise to him that we let every classmate write yearbook to him. Besides, we made a special video for him. He’s very happy about this, and even now he’s talking about this thing with his colleagues and showed to them his video and yearbook.


What I like about people at SHSID?

SHSID has abundant resource for both teachers and students. Teachers have a nice balance of humanity and firmness. As they have different characters, it's fun to take the lectures by different type of teaching. Some of them are humorous and the teacher-student relationship was just like siblings. Several of them have wide range of knowledge and they usually apply them to the lectures. Besides, the teachers care about us students a lot. Sometimes they celebrated birthdays on the beginning of the class first, and then started today’s topic. They helped me whenever I got problems and troubles. Just like friends at all.

And my classmates, they are accessible and helping to make a funny cheerful environment in class which make me comfortable and enjoyed. They follow teacher’s steps perfectly while joking and laughing with them. People who have the high score are glad to share their experiences in class.

In conclusion, people in SHSID share the same characteristics sincere and friendly. That’s the major reason why I enjoyed most of school life in this school.


Favorite part of the SHSID campus?

The beautiful SHSID campus attracts me a lot, especially the grasslands and lakes. The grassland is popular when it's a sunny. I usually lie on the grassland with my friends and enjoy the sunshine. Some people have a picnic on it while many people enjoy rolling down from the little hill. My youngest sister was often rolling down from the hill again and again when the school ends, and then come to our car with full of grasses on her cloth. We took part in many activities on the grassland before, like capture the flags and the Summer Bash!

When the spring is coming, the magnolia in the campus will burst with large white or pink flowers. You don’t even need to get closer to smell the flowers. There’s a lake called ZhongXin Lake in front of our building, a bunch of magnolia and willow trees surround the lake. Also the other trees bud their new leaves, mixing with old leaves and create a nice mixture of green color. Combining all elements, an amazing fantastic painting of spring is created with strong harmony outside of window. I often looked out from the window when I was taking the exam, it made me feel so relaxed.