Eco Cap Club

Eco Cap Club

ECO CAP is originally a Japanese non-profit organization that collects bottle caps from all over Japan. They use the profit collected from recycling bottle caps to fund charitable acts, specifically providing vaccines to African children, or certain underprivileged patients. In the past few years, they successfully helped eliminate polio.

ECO CAP Shanghai is a fully authorized division of the ECO CAP organization

ECO CAP Shanghai is composed entirely of students; led by Rikki Chiba and Vivian Yuan. Currently, the shanghai division is still a 30-member club at Shanghai High School International division. We collect and recycle bottle caps within the school's campus.

We will be providing a special box for cap collection near the trash can in the Xian Mian building,

Zhong Xing Building, Middle and Primary School buildings, and collect them every week. We will then take the collected caps to a recycling company to process them into products, and use the money we earn from the company to fund charity!✨

The plastic that composes the cap is mainly PP, which is different from the plastic bottle itself, which is PET. PP is used in clothes hangers, pens, and a variety of other products in our life. We can reuse those discarded caps to prevent further damage to the earth.

As there is already an established Eco Cap institution in Japan recycling plastic caps, we contacted them and have been officially authorized to act as the subsection of Shanghai.👈 Homepage of Eco Cap recycling institution

💕Charity - We will donate the money to institutions such as UNICEF to provide vaccines 💉 for patients in Africa.