Health Education


September 14, 2011

What is the chicken pox

Chicken pox is caused by herpes virus,it’s an acute infectious diseases. It occurs all year round, but more often in winter and spring and mostly in children less than five years old. The general is lighter, a sick can be immune to the all lifetime.

Characteristics of chicken pox

It is called chicken-pox because of its bright, clear vesicles. These vesicles are a common presenting symptom, together with fever, papule, herpes and scab.

Route of transmission of the Chicken pox

Mainly through droplets or contact with saliva, children clothing, bedding, toys, etc all can be infected. Since the day before a rash to general rashes after five days has a strong infectious. Incubation period about 2-3 weeks. Chicken pox is highly contagious. So isolation is the important measures to protect the healthy people.

Chickenpox prevention

1, education students form good health, wash your hands frequently and learned to prevent cross infection.

2, maintain a clean and tidy environment, school, home to open window, let the air circulation.

3,students must treated in isolation in the home more than 14 days. Students can back to school after the body falls off entirely scab.

4, to strengthen the class with disinfection.