Grade 12: Senior-Project Final Presentations and Awarding Ceremony

June 1, 2021

At the end of May, senior students of SHSID finished their Senior Projects with a great presentation. And the awarding ceremony put a perfect end to this year-long project.

All the senior students at SHSID gathered in the Grand Auditorium for the final presentation. After two weeks of thorough and detailed preparation, each and every senior got a chance to get onto the stage and introduce the topic of their senior project in front of the judges and audience. Students that chose internships shared about their experience at corresponding intern corporations; those who pursued independent research talked about their achievements and hardships during the research process; after two hours of presentations, surely all students learned something interesting from others.

The awarding ceremony was hosted by Rebecca Xu from 12(8). Right at the beginning, Rebecca introduced to her audience some representative achievements obtained by her peers: Charlie Chen and Harry Zhang’s “上中Lunch” program focused on resolving the online ordering issue of the school cafeteria; meanwhile, Tiffany Yao’s project centered around the idea of composing a feasible drama-class schedule for the local primary school nearby. All these presentations highlighted the outstanding academic achievements, as well as the creativity and leadership skills equipped by SHSID senior students.

In the process of completing the Senior Project this year, the Grade 12 students all developed their public-speaking skills, communication strategies, as well as their chains of logic. Clearly, the meaningful event had prepared the graduating students to challenge the higher-level courses at college.

Written by Daniel Shi    Pictures by Anita Hua    Edited by Cheer Zhang   Reviewed by Qian Zuo