Pudong Campus Grade 5: Enjoy Books in a Fun and Fresh Way

June 3, 2021

During the PG class on June 3rd, the fifth graders of the Pudong campus held a book tasting. Book Tasting is a pleasing way to get students engaged in reading and familiarizing them with a wide variety of genres. Besides, they get to practice reading to themselves and find good-fit books. The teachers selected 5-10 books per genre and arranged for the students to rotate among different genres. Although the activity only lasted for 40 minutes, the students acquired an opportunity to temporarily set aside study and plunge into the fascinating world of books. At the end of the tasting, the students all ended up with a list of books that they couldn’t wait to read.

(Written by Pan Yingying    Pictures by Pan Yingying, Wu Xiaodong    Edited by Huang Shiyuan, Mikah Jimenez)