Grade 11: Outstanding Junior-Project Awarding Ceremony

June 4, 2021

On the afternoon of June 2nd, students first gathered in their homerooms to chat one-on-one with their homeroom teachers about the college lists that they had turned in a week earlier. For students, selecting the proper colleges is a crucial primary step in the college admissions process, and teachers were very supportive in giving helpful and practical advice to all students.

Halfway through the second CAS period, students made their way to the Xianmian Annex Auditorium to listen to the two outstanding junior-project presentations. The first presentation from "迪士尼在逃公主" discussed the coffee culture of Shanghai. It focused on the health benefits of coffee on human body, and the economic impacts of opening more coffee shops in Shanghai as a city. The tastes of different “roasts” of coffee and their application in stores across Shanghai were also discussed in detail. The second presentation from "上中炸裂七姐妹" discussed thrift stores in Shanghai. This group analyzed the effects of thrift stores on the economy, environment, and aesthetic value of Shanghai. They also showcased the elaborate website that they had created as part of the business plan of a thrift store of their design. After the presentations, the certificates for outstanding groups were awarded to the group leaders.

(Written by Yuzhen Qian    Pictures by Zhen Yu    Edited and Supervised by Sijia He    Reviewed by Qian Zuo)