Middle School Math Department: Teaching and Research Group Meeting

June 10, 2021

Time has passed so quickly, and the 2020 school year is already about to come to an end! On the afternoon of June 8, 2021, the SHSID Middle School mathematics teaching and research group held a summary meeting in the Zhentao Building.

This meeting was hosted by Yan Jie, head of the middle school math department. She summarized the work of the math group this school year by highlighting five main topics, including teaching methodology, research activities, curriculum framework, teacher apprenticeship, and demo class, as well as competition results. Mrs. Yan discussed the key objectives of this academic year, which aimed at cultivating conscientious and responsible world citizens as well as independent learners. She explained that teachers engaged in both online and offline learning and made the necessary adjustments to continue striving for excellence, which highlights the impressive efforts of all the middle school math teachers. Then, she reviewed the teaching and research activities, including the smooth orchestration of demo classes, the success of Pi Day, and the efficacy of the weekly teachers’ meeting. Afterward, the curriculum framework of the 2020 academic year was reflected upon and adjusted. The commitment to students, positive learning conditions, and clear learning objectives was reinforced and reflected in the ELP courses and teacher training. This year, new teachers joined the mathematics family and brought fresh ideas and perspectives. Teachers learned from each other through the demo classes and continued to make progress. Additionally, the competition results of the 2020 academic year were exciting and indicate that SHSID is providing the adequate support and resources that students need both inside and outside of the classroom.

While we are proud of the progress we have made this year, we also know there will be many future challenges. We believe that with the combined effort of all teachers, the middle school math department will continue growing to better support both students and teachers.

(Written by Wei Xu    Pictures by Wei Xu    Edited by Huang Shiyuan, Mikah Jimenez)