SHSID Students Received Awards in British Biology Olympiad and USA Biology Olympiad

June 16, 2021

Students from G9 to G12 took part in the British Biology Olympiad and the USA Biology Olympiad in April this year. Compared to last year, the number of questions and the difficulty increased greatly, but the exam length was the same. However, more students obtained awards, which was not easy indeed. It is worth mentioning that the content of the Olympiad is very much different from what they have learned in regular biology courses. During their spare time, the students from the Biology Olympic Club have gained a lot of college-level biology knowledge in advance, which has made necessary knowledge reserve for the competition. The club leaders Bill and Emma have made a reasonable study plan and organized students to demonstrate the presentation on competition exercises independently on a regular basis.

For the British Biology Olympiad, 34 students have received awards in total: One student got a worldwide Gold award, while 6 students got worldwide Silver awards; 10 students got worldwide Bronze awards, while 13 students got worldwide Highly Commended awards, and 4 students got worldwide Commended awards. For the USA Biology Olympiad, 34 students have received awards in total: 6 students got Gold awards (top 10% in China), and 7 students got Silver awards (top 25% in China); 14 students got Bronze awards (top 35% in China), and 7 students got regional Honorable awards (top 55% in China).

Congratulations to the winners! We hope that students who did not win prizes are not disappointed and that they take on the challenge and make great achievements in the competition next year. Thanks go out to all the biology teachers’ great effort in daily teaching and to the two excellent leaders of the Biology Olympiad Club, Bill and Emma, in helping prepare for the competition.

(Written by Yongchi Li  Pictures by Yongchi Li   Reviewed by Qian Zuo)