Puxi Campus Grade 4: Chinese Reading Month

June 18, 2021

After the English reading activities, SHSID Puxi campus grade four carried out the Chinese Reading Month. To better align with Chinese culture week, The Chinese History To Children was chosen focusing on the history of Chun Qiu and Zhan Guo era.

This book is closely connected to children’s life experiences and written in a lively way to reveal Chinese history from ancient times to contemporary ages. Along with the book, students also finished reading journals. The journals guided students to understand the historical knowledge and build up vocabularies, language, independent thinking, and expression. For example, students were asked to evaluate Emperor Qin’s acts: Which law of Qin do you support? Which one do you oppose? If you were Qin, what would you do? The series of questions guided students to think critically and innovate.

In the past week, students also watched the cartoon called If the History were Cats as an extension of the reading material. We hope students learn knowledge from reading, and more importantly, they develop independent thinking skills.

(Written by Wu Yin    Pictures by Wu Yin    Edited by Huang Shiyuan)