Grade 6: Final OKR Sharing and Final Review Game

June 21, 2021

In the last Youth Development class on June 17th, sixth-grade students first gave their final OKR sharing of this semester and then had a final review game under the guidance of homeroom teachers.

Every student in grade six has set his or her own goals and key results at the beginning of this semester, which is divided into academic and extracurricular activities. In the process of sharing, some students mentioned the importance of time management: the ability to ensure rest while completing academic and extracurricular tasks is important to everyone. Some students’ goal of extracurricular activities is to participate in the talent show. This time, her independently arranged program was selected and successfully displayed in front of everyone; it encouraged her very much. Other students talked about the regret of not achieving the goal this semester and the improvement that can be made next semester. Everyone learned a lot from and is greatly inspired by the sharing.

After the sharing of OKR, we started the final review game. Teachers of each subject and level have prepared a final review game for the students. A combination of carefully selected typical questions is a super review guide that can help students sort out the key points and fill the loopholes. For the students who are nervous about preparing for the exam, it’s super helpful. Finally, we wish everyone good results in the final exam!

(Written by Gu Yuting    Pictures by G6 Teachers    Edited by Huang Shiyuan, Mikah Jimenez)