Middle and Primary School English Department: A Great Year of First Grade English Class

June 24, 2021

We have come to the final month of English for our Grade 1 students, and we have well and truly finished on a high. The students have been working hard this past month, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. We kicked off the month by reading a new Journeys story: A Tree is a Plant. This story follows an apple tree throughout its life cycle, and the students were able to make excellent connections to what they have learned in Science! We had new spelling words and vocabulary words and learned new concepts such as indefinite pronouns and multiple-meaning words. The highlight of our month was the student’s show and tell. This month we heard all about their favorite food! We saw so many delicious foods such as pizza, sushi, ice cream, candy, and much more!

Looking back over this year, we are so very proud of how far the students have come. They have mastered many different writing styles including, letter writing, poetry writing, and expository writing. They have shown an excellent understanding of a range of concepts such as plural nouns, similes, homophones, compound words, subject pronouns, the list goes on. The students have particularly enjoyed delving into their textbooks and reading our weekly stories. Some favorites include The Big Race, Cupcake Party, and Mae Jemison. The students have also had the chance to get up and show us their presentation skills during their show & tells. We have had a lot of fun in English this year. One of the highlights was our action-packed author’s week when we celebrated the incredible work of Dr. Seuss. What a great year it has been! We wish our students the best of luck as they become 2nd grade English students!


(Written by Roma Brown   Pictures by Roma Brown    Translated by Wang Yizhao    Edited by Huang Shiyuan, Mikah Jimenez)