2020 Second Semester PBL and Beyond Course Showcase

June 25, 2021

The students from Grades 9 and 10 held the last PBL and Beyond class demonstration on June 7th and June 15th, respectively, in the Lecture Hall of Zhentao Building. The PBL course combines scientific and artistic learning with an independent and cooperative method, aiming to cultivate students' comprehensive ability to analyze and solve problems and prepare for future project exploration.

The stock-investment course, using economic knowledge, accurately directed students to calculate the return rate of stock investments of different companies from the statements so that students could master the real-time calculation of investment valuation while learning the stock software. The wonderful geometry drawn by software and the use of mathematical formulas showed the fantastic graphic changes, and the dynamic effect was stunningly beautiful. Improvisation-and-theater creation combined improvisation of different themes with script creation. Through several representative dramatic works, it systematically excavated how to interpret the script, depicting the psychological changes of the characters, and fully demonstrating the art of theater. The racing-challenge course combined the fun of racing with the knowledge of mechanical power and program design. During the onsite demonstration, everyone was amazed at the course’s super hands-on structure and hoped that more students could participate in it and have more fun in the coming years. Beyond courses in Grade 10, such as Society and Culture, aimed to enhance the attention of students to social problems. The students worked in groups and took the guidance from the instructors to study social problems in different dimensions and different perspectives. Themes included everything from middle-school students' views on luxury consumption to the studies on the psychological state of "Laid-back Youth". The course of Chinese-pastry making in Qiaojiazha Intangible Cultural Heritage integrated Chinese culture and traditional pastry-making techniques. Students could feel the long history of Chinese culture from the making and tasting of delicious food. Introduction to architectural design, which covered historical changes of architectural styles and the design elements of different buildings, helped students grasp architectural characteristics, design, and the making of a building model with artistic value and interest. Tencent teenagers’ innovative product-design course, starting from the user experience, with a line of Tencent’s product-design team. They learned a comprehensive study from market research to make an internet software design through the whole software-development process such as the target-user portrait, user requirements, product-development value, prototype design, competitive product-analysis report, functionality-planning report, and a report for the collections of design idea. At the end of the project presentation, students presented a mini-program designed to improve the students’ learning motivation and their focus while studying. In addition, there were also many interesting and close-to-daily-life PBL courses such as Human-Physiology Exploration, Shanghai Dialect, Statistical Investigation and Data Analysis, Rope-Tying Manual Experience, Product Design, Music Production, etc.

We believe that there will be more and more informative and interesting courses in the near future which will stimulate students' curiosity and exploration willingness, and make them go further and further on the road of pursuing their interests.


(Written by Tianzhou He Pictures by Hui Liao, Lin Chen  Edited by Tianzhou He   Reviewed by Qian Zuo)