The Primary and Middle Schools Graduation Ceremonies 2021: Dream Big, Live Life

June 23, 2021

Time flies, years of primary and middle school passed quickly. The students went through the four seasons together and advanced side by side. At the end of June, the fifth and eighth graders of SHSID welcomed the pivotal moment in their lives with the joy of harvest.

Primary School: Youth Universe, Be Ambitious

On the afternoon of June 22, the vigorous fifth-grade graduates in formal clothes gathered together to welcome the graduation ceremony.

At 1 p.m., the graduation ceremony started on time. Many distinguished faculty members attended the ceremony, Shanghai High School Secretary of Party Committee and SHS Vice Principal Mr. Wang Hui, SHSID Middle and Primary Schools Principal Mr. Liu Lian, Middle and Primary Schools Vice Principal Ms. Bao Guohong, High School Vice Principal Ms. Liu Min, Middle and Primary Schools Principal Assistant Ms. Miao Xiaoling, as well as directors of each school section, other school leaders and teachers. Under the leadership of the class Logo, students took the class as a unit and walked through the stage with a bright and smiling face, waving their hands with parents and teachers.

After the seats were set in an orderly manner, Yuzhen and Jilang, who are the student representatives, made speeches. They reviewed the unforgettable experiences of the primary school for five years and looked forward to the expectation of middle school life. Five years, carrying the students’ endless memories, then the 17 students from Puxi campus brought by A Cappella “Memories” evoked the memories of students with old pictures flashed on the screen on both sides.

The students’ growth is accompanied and supported by parents. Mr. Yao Ming, as a parent representative, sent sincere graduation wishes and expectations for the future of students. At the same time, Ms. Bi Qun, the representative of the graduates’ parents and Mr. Yao Ming, donated one piece of intangible cultural heritage to the school, which was pure manual Tibetan embroidery. Principal Liu and vice principal Bao accepted the donation and expressed sincere thanks to all parents. The following video of parents’ blessings was warm and sincerely congratulating the students on their happy graduation, also sending the parents’ love for their kids.

Principal Liu also gave the warmest congratulations to all the graduates at the ceremony. He wished the graduates to try hard, be brave, be curious and explore the wonderful world and their inner world. The graduation of primary school means that a broader world is ahead of them. We hope that the graduates will keep in mind the enlightenment from the teachers and set sail again, without fear of riding the wind and waves.

After watching the graduation video, it was time that students had all been waiting for: walking up to the stage and receiving diplomas from the school leaders and teachers. As they walked down the stage with rejoicing and confidence, they just set on another brand-new journey.

Poetry is beautiful, and it is appropriate to praise this memorable time with beautiful poems. Six students from the Pudong Campus presented the English poem “The Beauty of My Childhood,” six students in the Puxi campus brought us the original Chinese poem “Past, Present, and Future” by Mr. Li Teng. The students were passionate, full of emotion, immersing us in the atmosphere.

Cherishing the meeting, the graduates presented flowers to different teachers at all stages of the primary section to show their gratitude. The interview video produced by teachers also gave the best wishes to graduates. Ms. Chris, the director of Grade 4 and 5, also gave the best wishes to the students. We hope the students have dreams, shoulder responsibilities, be kind and brave, to explore the world.

Following the cheers and applause from the audience, all the G5 students stood up and sang their graduation song “Auld Lang Syne,” honoring the long-lasting friendship and giving the sincerest regards to each other. Congratulations to all primary school graduates, in front of whom the bright future has just unfolded!

Middle School: A Million Dreams

It’s time for another year of graduation, another year of harvesting the successes of the Middle School graduates! On June 22nd, 2021, more than 280 graders held their graduation ceremony at the Indoor Gym with their teachers and parents. The graduates are ready to say goodbye to their three years of middle school life and are well prepared to embark upon the more challenging life in High School.

At 2 pm, the formally dressed graduates marched into the Indoor Gym amid enthusiastic applause.

The Graduation Ceremony officially began. Following the routine, the graduate representative Minhan from 8(4) gave a speech, recalling the memorable moments of the past three years, and expressed thanks to their teachers and the school. Then, 8(8) Elaine’s Dad, the parent representative, made his speech. He appreciated the great job SHSIDers have done, including the students, whom the parents are proud of and the teachers, whom they extended their gratitude to, and the school, whom they have never regret chosen several years ago. Next, Mr. Liu, the middle and primary schools principal delivered a cordial speech praising the graduates for their impressive achievements in middle school and also expressed his expectations for the graduating class in the future: to be independent learners and responsible global citizens. And never stop trying to make a difference and contribute to a diverse world!

Following these proud speeches, all the graduates lined up and walked onto the stage in separate groups to receive their middle school diplomas from school directors. These diplomas solidified the past three years of friendship, joy, confidence, courage, and dreams of the future.

Afterwards, Individual Awards , the Outstanding Graduates Awards, and Excellent Service Learning Programs Awards were distributed.

Among the graduates, many have been studying at SHSID since 1st Grade. The photos of these 97 students were shown on the screen.

The graduation video that was made by the graduates appeared on the big screen, portraying joyous memories and unforgettable moments from all corners of the campus. The three years of middle school were an impactful period of the students’ lives, full of pride and honor. The students not only scored well in academic competitions, but also excelled in art, music, and sports competitions.

All graduates received a letter they wrote to themselves at the beginning of Grade 8. When they opened the envelope and read what they wrote a year ago, they sighed with emotion and joy.

Mr. Shen, the director of grades 6-8, sent his wishes for the graduates after the video. He compared time to a friend and suggested students make friends with time. Time will witness the realization of their million dreams.

At the end of the Graduation Ceremony, all students stood up to sing and dance along with the graduation song “A Million Dreams,” which marked the climax of the ceremony. All the graduates with fledging wings full of pride and hope flew freely and high up in the sky, fulfilling their dreams.

A million dreams are keeping me awake

I think of what the world could be

A vision of the one I see

A million dreams is all it’s gonna take

A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make

The graduation ceremony witnessed the milestones students have achieved in their lives. We believe that with the expectations and blessings from the school, teachers, and parents, our students will stay true to themselves, dream big, and live life to the fullest.

(Written by Liu Lei, 8(6) Jason, Edward Key    Pictures by Liao Hui, Ginger, Volunteers    Edited by Huang Shiyuan, Mikah Jimenez)