The 6th Outstanding Young Teachers Contest Awards Ceremony

July 2, 2021

The awards ceremony of the 6th Outstanding Young Teachers Contest took place at the Grand Auditorium on July 1, around genuine applause from the school faculty and staff. A number of teachers stood out in the preliminary and final rounds and won awards of different categories. They displayed professional teaching skills and painstaking spirit through various events that include the talent show, the English speech, and the lesson demonstration. SHS Principal Mr. Feng Zhigang and SHS Party Secretary Mr. Wang Hui presented the winners with the awards. Mr. Liu Lian, SHSID Middle and Primary Schools Principal, and Mr. Ma Feng, SHSID High School Principal, congratulated the award winners and encouraged them to be persistent in their careers. The two young teacher representatives gave two inspiring speeches, sharing their journeys how they prepared, modified, and reflected on the lessons throughout the competition.

Hard skills required of a teacher play a crucial role throughout a teaching career. SHSID provides a huge variety of learning and training for young teachers and encourages them to develop their skills and gain experience in the teaching profession. Held every four years, the Outstanding Young Teachers Contest allows young teachers to challenge themselves and show their talents. This year, the themes for the final rounds—“Development,” “Harmony,” and “Surpassing & Future”—tie in with our expectations for young teachers. We hope that they will continue to surpass themselves and contribute to the harmonious development of nature and society in the future.

(Written by Teaching Affairs Center   Pictures by Nina Kang  Reviewed by Qian Zuo)