Middle School Section: USAP 2021 Champions

June 8, 2021

On June 5th, the USAP Nationals Online Awarding Ceremony went through perfectly. At 7:50 in the evening, after entering the live broadcast room, everybody felt anticipation and trepidation towards the competition results. As the teams are chatting excitedly on WeChat, the impending ceremony is about to begin. As the host announced award winners, everybody cheered for their winning teammates ecstatically, congratulating each other. The whole ceremony was immersed in blithe and success.

This time, there are 26 pentathletes, two teams of 8th graders and one team of 7th graders. The 3 teams all excelled again—all received the gold trophy, and seventh graders were especially outstanding. With a high score of 25148.9, they surpassed the scores of all eighth graders and became the global first place. For the individual awards, the three teams totaled 123 medals, of which 11 students won all six event awards. 13 students got a gold medal for math, and 18 students got a gold medal for individual overall awards. Rich from G8 and Jerry from G7 have won the first and second highest individual overall scores in the global round.

USAP is a competition that tests students’ focusing and self-directed learning abilities. It requires them to dig deep in all sorts of fields of knowledge (notably as science, art, etc.), and during the competition, students need to complete problems under high pressure. During the long months of preparation, the students came across challenges, but the whole team worked together to resolve them. After the first round in China, three groups out of four progressed into the next round successfully. Following the final round, students not only received individual rewards, but also honors for the school, and all truly learned the pride and joy felt by the famous adage, “no pain, no gain.”

Written by Olivia 8(10)  Pictures by Middle School Physical Science and Optional Courses Department   Edited by Huang Shiyuan, Mikah Jimenez

(Written by Olivia 8(10)    Pictures by Middle School Physical Science and Optional Courses Department  Edited by Huang Shiyuan, Mikah Jimenez)