Puxi Campus Grades 4-5: They Are Poets, and They Didn’t Even Know It!

June 4, 2021

This week, Puxi Campus primary grades 4 and 5 celebrated Poetry Week. Both grades learned about writing Haikus, which are usually beautiful poems about nature. However, the upper primary students created an interesting twist to these poems by writing “stories” in haiku form. Each grade chose a topic they are experts on, and classes took turns adding their own Haiku to the story. Grade four focused on a Harry Potter theme, aligning well with their current novel study. Grade five focused on one of the students’ favorite subjects: a day at school! These collaborative works can be seen in the hallways, so keep an eye out!

Grade four continued the fun by focusing on color poems and diamante poems. Each student chose their favorite color and wrote a poem expressing their senses, using figurative language to verbalize their color uniquely. Finally, fourth grade created diamante poems. Students brainstormed nouns that are opposites, such as a cat and mouse, then wrote a poem comparing and contrasting them.

Grade five students were able to write funny poems called Limericks. These weren’t just any Limericks though, they were “Guess Poems!” Students used the Limerick format to create a “guess who” poem about a person, place, or thing. Using funny rhymes, students gave clues to their nouns. See how many you can guess by checking out their balloon bulletin board!

Finally, the exciting poetry week culminated in our Poetry Slam. Students auditioned in their English classes to participate in the competition. Fourth graders focused their performances on their color poems, while grade five wrote poems about their upcoming graduation. Some say poems are the lyrics of the soul, and grades 4-5 had a fabulous time expressing themselves in a creative, fun, and outgoing way.

(Written by Alyssa Chapin, Wu Yin    Pictures by Teachers    Edited by Huang Shiyuan, Mikah Jimenez)