Grade 12: College Application Oath Ceremony Held

October 18, 2021

On the afternoon of October 13th, 2021, the Grade-12 students gathered in the Xianmian Annex Auditorium for their Oath Ceremony. Before coming to this ceremony, the seniors worked in their individual homerooms on their upcoming college applications for the UK and US systems.

One type of the US college application is called the Early Decision. This is when a student signs a binding agreement to a single college and submits their application before the November 1st deadline. Usually, Early Decision applications have a higher acceptance rate and the students tend to put their dream schools as their Early Decision schools.

Therefore, after one and half hours of working on college applications and counseling with their homeroom teachers, the students all gathered up in the auditorium for this Oath Ceremony dedicated to the Early Decision policy as well as the academic integrity policy. With three students—Felix Qin, Jessie Wang, and Katelyn Kuo—leading the students in reciting the oath, all the 12th-grade students stood up and pledged their honesty in following these terms.

Many teachers and parents were also there to witness this moment including High School Vice Principal Zhang Li, Ms. Liu Qin, and Ms. Yu Zhen. This was truly an important moment for everyone in the auditorium. Let’s wish these students the best of luck in their college application process!

(Written by Sammi Liu 12(1)    Pictures by Hao Sun    Edited and Supervised by Sijia He  Reviewed by Qian Zuo)