Usher in a Bright Future with Relentless Pursuit — the College Application Results of the Class of 2022 (As of June 30th)

July 1, 2022

Shanghai High School International Division (SHSID) is an international school for expat children. With the aim of cultivating talents, SHSID provides an inclusive G1-G12 education for all students based on a highly selective curriculum. Established with a high international standard, the school respects every student’s personality and endeavors to set a solid foundation for the individualized and life-long development of every student by building an open and vibrant campus environment. SHSID offers IBDP programs, AP programs, and A-Level courses for selection.

In 2021, SHSID was persistent in exerting every effort and accumulated and harvested a lot. In June, a student of SHSID won a bronze medal in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), achieving a new school record; in July, the results of the International Baccalaureate Programme course were announced, and the average score and number of students with full marks reached a new peak, once again setting a new school record; and in December, the final results of S.T. Yau Science Award were announced with eight students from SHSID having won the award at the same time, a new distinction for the school. Also in December, an SHSIDer became the first of our students to be offered undergraduate admission by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), raising the bar higher and higher and proving that an education with SHSID is a solid stepping stone on which to leap to further academic success and overall greatness.

Since the start of 2022, all SHSIDers have been continually striving hard and collaborating in concert, and good news keeps coming. In February, an alumnus of the class of 2014 was awarded a tenure-track position at Harvard University, demonstrating the academic strength and development potential of SHSID outstanding students. From March to April, the graduates of 2022 received admission letters from colleges and universities around the world as expected, which added new anticipation and vitality into their study and life during the epidemic. In particular, the story that the alumni of the 2014 class and the graduates of the 2022 class may enter the Harvard campus to teach and study respectively in August 2022 will inevitably become a story in the history of SHSID.

Among the Class of 2022 graduates, so far, 108 students will go to the US for higher education and 109 students will go to other countries such as the UK, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, etc. Among the students who will go to the U.S., over 95% of them are expected to be admitted by the Top 50 US colleges (according to the 2022 U.S. News & World Report college ranking). From all over the world, the Class of 2022 graduates received offers from the most prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Caltech, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.

-- With considerate planning and detailed guidance, a number of senior students received offers from different prestigious universities, without much overlap.

-- According to our statistics, tracing back from 2022, SHSID graduates have received offers consistently from Yale for 5 consecutive years, Cambridge for 6 years, and Brown for 8 years, etc. Getting the offers once from the above prestigious universities is maybe just good luck, but getting offers continuously from them is the result of both great efforts and solid competency.

-- The Class of 2022 applied to various majors, and they got into various types of universities including national research universities, professional art and music schools, and liberal arts colleges, which reflects their independent choice of their best-fit universities without a blind belief in college rankings.

During their high school years, this particular batch of students experienced many difficulties and challenges such as the cancellation or extension of standardized tests and academic competitions, and no chance of attending offline summer programs, to name a few. Currently, the seniors are attending classes online for the second time since the pandemic started due to the recent city-wide flareup of positive cases and record-high asymptomatic cases. The school expects all seniors and students in other grades to face all of these difficulties and challenges with a positive attitude and turn them into a life-time asset.

The school hopes that all seniors graduating soon will set off to their next life journey with full confidence and hope. The school also hopes that they will care about the current world issues and fight to make the world a better place.

The school wishes to expressly give thanks to all the parents of the senior class who have always trusted the school and supported the school as a big family. The unity and the shared dreams make us work hard and we expect to achieve higher goals in the future.

Finally, the school wishes to thank all the teachers and members of staff, especially homeroom teachers of the graduating class, the College Counseling team, and the Competition Advisors team. Their intelligence and great efforts created a grand gift for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of SHSID in the coming academic year.

Shanghai High School International Division

April 2nd, 2022

Below is an incomplete list of the college acceptances of the class of 2022 till June 30th, 2022. Please note that:

1) The colleges are listed alphabetically.

2) A few students who are applying to universities in other countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, and Australia are still waiting for their application results.

3) The colleges with an asterisk (*) admitted more than one senior student.

4) The college acceptances do not include the application results of the graduates from the local division of Shanghai High School.

5) More detailed college acceptances are displayed in the school system for internal reference only.