G3 | Lin'gang Campus: An Immersive Trip to the Fire Station

September 25, 2023

Building up a safe and harmonious campus requires joint effort. In order to further improve the students' awareness of fire safety, enhance their basic knowledge of fire self-rescue, and actively promote campus safety education, on September 21st, Grade 3 teachers and students of Lin' gang Campus visited the Dishui Lake Fire and Rescue Station.


As soon as they stepped into the door of the fire station, students stared with curiosity. "This is my first time to visit a fire station!" Many students said excitedly. Their firefighting journey began with a wall of honor and some shocking firefighting photos, showcasing not only heroism but also their loyalty to protecting people's safety.

Led by the firefighters, the students first went to the safety education classroom on the third floor to watch a documentary on fire safety. Although the third-grade children already have a certain degree of safety awareness, when the real rescue scenes flashed one by one, they were surprised and serious, acknowledging the importance of safety and respect for life. Afterwards, they went to the dormitory of the fire station. The students were amazed by the clean environment and the square tofu block mattresses. "The mattress is so soft, how did they make it?" The firefighters demonstrated on the spot, and after watching the demonstration, everyone was so impressed that all of them wanted to try it.


The most exciting part of the trip was getting to know the firefighting equipment at close range! One by one, they climbed into the fire trucks and followed by a series of gasps. They were shocked that the rescue tools were so heavy, and the fire suit was even thicker than a cotton jacket. "Do you want to experience the fire extinguishing hose?" Under professional guidance, the students held the water gun and participated in a simulated fire rescue operation. Everyone listened carefully and with excitement to the firefighter’s introduction of the rescue tools.


At the end of the visit, we took a group photo with the firefighters and paid tribute to the brave and selfless safety guardians! We hope that this fire safety education is kept in everyone's heart, and that they can always be vigilant and draw the most beautiful safety line for their growth and campus life!


(Written by Jenny Zhang    Pictures by Xu Chun'ai      Edited by Cong Luo, Wu Shiyu (Intern), Darragh Mahon)