Primary Subjects G3: Egg Protectors

September 26, 2023

During the Grade 3 science classes in week 4, students are participating in an engaging, hands-on and week-long learning experience. Our young innovators are embarking on an exciting journey as they dive into the world of engineering and problem-solving through the Egg Drop Experiment.

In this project, students are challenged to design and construct a protective prototype that will prevent an egg (symbolizing a person) from breaking when dropped from a 2-meter height. This creative endeavor not only fosters teamwork and critical thinking, but also introduces our students to the important concept of the design process, setting a strong foundation for their future learning and problem-solving skills.

Throughout this project, our grade 3 students will follow the design process, starting with identifying a problem, creatively collaborating on a solutions, then finally culminating in the evaluation and improvement of their prototypes. They will use their boundless imagination and limited materials to devise innovative solutions, fostering both creativity and resourcefulness.

The Egg Drop Experiment showcases how learning can both be fun and educational, and we encourage you to engage in discussions with your children about their designs and discoveries.

(Written by Tom Dilland      Picture by G3 homeroom teachers      Edited by Cong Luo, Bianca Noguera)