Puxi Campus G8 | Fire Drill

September 26, 2023

The fire drill took place during second period. To save the lives of students in the unlikely event of a real emergency, the fire drill helps practice the process of emergency evacuation, aiming to teach SHSID students the proper safety procedures.

Fire drills are one of the many activities students in SHSID take part and excel in every semester. During an emergency evacuation, students and teachers are expected to cover their noses and mouths, walk quickly but not run, not push against each other, and gather in the clearing on the ground floor.

Each class is assigned a specific staircase in order to ensure efficient mass evacuation. This precaution shone valuable, as none of the students tripped over each other or caused any sort of injury, and everyone descended steadily and safely during the process. The entire grade safely evacuated the building with good timing: only three and a half minutes after the alarm rang.

Afterwards, the students returned to the classroom and completed a safety awareness quiz.

(Written by 8-6 Richard

Supervised by Zhang Xinyi

Pictures by  8(1), Jesilina, 8(5) Harumi, 8(6) Gordon

Edited by Cong Luo, Wu Shiyu (Intern), Bianca Noguera)