IBDP 2011 Results Released

August 19, 2011

IBDP 2011 Results Released

SHSID students got amazing results in the May 2011 IB Exams, hitting a new record of our school. It is confirmed that our school’s average score is 41.5 (full mark 45), indicating that our school’s candidates are among the top 3.6% of all IB candidates around the world. What’s more, 79% of our students got 40 or above, with two getting the full marks. For the IB certificate students, 62% of the tests were awarded full marks, also a new high.

It is said that world average of IB DP this year is around 29.8. Actually some first-class universities around the world stipulate that the requirement for granting full scholarship is getting at least 38 in IBD final tests. 97% of our students this year have obtained or surpassed this mark.

The school owes this outstanding result to the efforts of the IB students and teachers in the past two years. Congratulations.