Announcement & Notice

Notice on the Summer Vacation and Safety Reminder

July 5, 2022

The summer vacation has already begun. Before the new semester begins, the details will be announced by the homeroom teachers in advance.

During the summer vacation, students and parents are expected to follow the rules below:

1. It is suggested that students not go abroad if the trip is not necessary. Do not go to or travel through medium-risk areas or high-risk areas. If the trip is inevitable, please perform the health observation or management according to the relevant regulations when traveling through medium-risk areas or high-risk areas.

2. If students are to leave Shanghai, please fill out the report form and submit the form to the homeroom teacher. If students are to travel overseas or to medium-risk or high-risk areas in China, please inform the homeroom teacher immediately. Students returning Shanghai from abroad should take nucleic acid amplification tests and complete self-monitoring following the regulations and procedures in effect.

3. Please be sure to avoid large crowds and gathering places for activities.

4. If students have a fever during the summer vacation, they should follow the Treatment & Procedures for Residents with Fever and get treatment and rest accordingly. If they are confirmed or suspected to have COVID-19 or have had contact with someone who had COVID-19, please inform the homeroom teacher immediately.

5. During the summer vacation, do not forget the basic protective measures as shown in the following picture:

During the epidemic prevention and control period, parents should also pay attention to students' safety awareness, mental health, physical exercise, eye health, etc., to promote well-rounded development of the students.

(1) Safety tips for travelling

e.g.  Do not play near the road or the parking area. Do not use cellphones when walking or riding a bike on the road.

(2) Safety tips for drowning-prevention

e.g.  Teach children relevant knowledge and skills to prevent drowning. Constantly strengthen students’ awareness of safety and self-protection. Improve children's ability of avoiding danger and self-assistance in order to effectively prevent accidents.

(3) Safety tips for outdoor activities

e.g.  Do not enter areas with dangerous signs such as construction sites, railways, or high-voltage structures, etc.

(4) Safety tips for online activities

e.g.  Do not play games with improper content. Do not indulge in online games or video games. Be careful about making friends online, and never meet an unfamiliar net friend in reality. Be cautious about various online information. Do not spread rumors.

(5) Safety tips for mental health

e.g.  Keep yourself honest and optimistic. Communicate more with teachers, parents, classmates, relatives, and friends. When running into trouble, try your best to solve it by yourself. Meanwhile, seek help from others when necessary. Stay positive when facing moments of frustration.

During the summer vacation, if necessary, you may contact the following on-duty offices:

*Available from Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

We wish you all a safe, healthy, and wonderful summer vacation. Enjoy your holiday!