Grade 6 Art Classwork Exhibition

June 4, 2021

Adhering to the principle of embracing students’ diverse personalities and individual development, SHSID strives to cultivate students’ ability to perceive, cherish, and create beauty. Teachers aim to cultivate diverse talents by encouraging students to convey what they have seen, heard, and felt through artwork. Classwork is a way to showcase the achievements of teaching and learning. Through this online art exhibition, students’ artwork can be shared and recognized by a diverse audience to cultivate their positive personalities.

We can listen to children’s ideas through various ingenious creations, appreciate the works together, and feel the children’s innocent world with our hearts. With smooth lines, children’s innocence, and unlimited originality, these art pieces showcased students’ enormous creativity and ability to express.


Click the QR code below to view the exhibition:

(Written by Gloria Chen   Pictures by Li Mufeng   Reviewed by Qian Zuo)