General Information

General Information

I. Enrollment Policy

SHSID enrolls qualified children of foreign personnel in Shanghai, including students from Hong Kong, Taiwan or Macao of China.

II. Grades

Puxi campus: Grades 1-5 (primary school); 6-8 (middle school); 9-12 (high school)

Zhangjiang campus: Grades 1-5 (primary school)

Lingang campus: Grades 1-3 (primary school) will be opened year by year.

III. Academic Calendar

The school year is divided into two semesters. The 1st semester starts on September 1st and ends in February. The 2nd semester is from February to August. The summer vacation spans July and August, and winter vacation is three weeks around the Spring Festival. Other holidays: one day for Spring Holiday, one day for Autumn Holiday, three days for Christmas, and one day for New Year’s Day. The break for other national holidays are subject to notification from the Shanghai Municipal Government.

IV. School Hours

Puxi campus:

School hours: 8:15-15:50 (Monday ~ Thursday)/ 8:15-14:10 (Friday)

Lunch Break: 12:10-13:10

Shuttle buses leave at 16:08 (Monday ~ Thursday)/14:28 (Friday)

Zhangjiang campus:

School hours: 8:15-15:35 (Monday ~ Thursday)/ 8:15-14:15 (Friday)

Lunch Break: 11:25-12:25

Shuttle buses leave at 15:45 (Monday ~ Thursday)/14:25 (Friday)

Lingang campus:

School hours: 8:20-15:45(Monday ~ Thursday)/ 8:20-14:00 (Friday)

Lunch Break: 11:30-12:30

V. School Bus

SHSID offers shuttle bus service within a distance of 13 kilometers (Puxi Campus) or 10 kilometers (Zhangjiang Campus) from school.

School Bus Stop List:

Lingang Campus: doesn’t provide school buses.

VI. Cafeteria

SHSID has two student cafeterias run by Sodexo. Meals are provided for the students at a fixed daily rate. Students may bring their own lunch. Microwaves and refrigerators are available.

VII. Smart Campus

Since May 2019, Shanghai High School International Division has gradually applied "facial recognition" technology to the school bus system, library management, school gate access control, etc. The school is striving to build an open and sustainable smart campus comprehensive service platform.

SHSID welcomes students who have special talents in art (painting, singing, dancing, drama, instrumental music, etc.) or athletics (basketball, football, swimming, tennis, etc.). Please submit a self-introduction and related materials if you specialize in the areas mentioned above, the school will prioritize and contact the outstanding applicants to offer admission.