Application Documents

Application Documents

Parents are required to bring the original and photocopy of the registration materials when submitting them on-site, and there is no need to upload scanned copies of the registration materials during the online registration stage.

The following materials are for reference only. A detailed list can be found in the application system.

* Application form (the form can be printed in the online registration system)

* Medical Form of Student Applying for Admission (Please download it from this page.)

* ID card of student and parents:

Identity documents of students and parents shall be provided:

1. Foreigners: Passport of students and parents (main page and the valid visa pages. If you haven't yet applied for a visa, please provide the Travel Document or Entry and Exit Permit).      

2. Hong Kong and Macao residents: Passport, the Permanent Identity Card, and Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents

3. Taiwan residents: Passport and the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents

4. If there are foreigners in the family, the other family members who are Chinese mainland residents need to provide ID cards, and if necessary, Chinese passports and household registration information pages.

* Birth Certificate (Please prepare according to the requirements of check-list.)

* Marriage Certificate (Please prepare according to the requirements of check-list.)

* Proof of Employment in Shanghai: working visa and work permit in Shanghai. Or

1)photocopy of the employment contract and

2)employer's Business License with official seal in Shanghai

* Proof of Residence in Shanghai: property ownership certificate or lease in Shanghai

* An official certificate from the previous school (Grade 1 applicants need one from the kindergarten.)

* Academic records of the previous 2 school years (no need for Grade 1 applicants)

* A non-refundable application fee of RMB 1,000 (This is only valid for the semester to which the applicant is originally applying.)

* Recommendation form (optional): that is sent by the applicant’s teacher directly to the Admissions office’s Email. (For Xuhui/Lingang/Hongkou Campus:; For Zhangjiang Campus:


Medical Form of Student Applying for Admission.pdf


Recommendation Letter for Grade 1-5 Applicants.pdf


Recommendation Letter for Grade 6-12 Applicants.pdf

Loss of Invoice.pdf