Primary School

For grades 1–5 of SHSID, Puxi’s G1–G5, Zhangjiang’s G1–G5, and Lingang’s G1-G3 are the three campuses that make up SHSID’s Primary Section. The Primary Section of SHSID offers a variety of educational programs and teaching activities to support the physical and mental development of primary students in order to prepare them to become "independent learners" and "responsible global citizens." In order for children to learn to learn, learn passionately, and become lifelong learners, our core curriculum strives to foster cognitive skills and metacognitive habits, thinking skills, and self-regulatory skills. In order for students to develop into individuals of integrity, dedication, and responsibility, our character and moral curriculum takes on three dimensions: personal development, societal awareness competencies, and global awareness competencies. The first "golden phase" of life development is during primary school, and we  foster our students’ development through educational activities that form the habits which will serve them for a lifetime.