Primary School

The Primary Section of SHSID extends from Grades 1 to 5. To make the students independent learners and responsible global citizens, the primary section offers a series of educational activities particularly tailored to the physical and intellectual needs of young kids. During this significant period when a student’s morality, self-awareness, and cognitive ability begin to develop, the Primary Section provides a stimulating environment that taps into the natural curiosity that exists in young inquisitive minds. The Core Values and Bucket Filler programs teach students about having good character, being a good citizen and aims to increase kindness, empathy, and positivity. The Sports meet and Art Festival provide an opportunity for students to show their talents. Charity Fair raises awareness to care about others and to make our world a better place. A lot of fun class activities keep the students learning passionately. These activities, featuring a wide range of themes, are designed and conducted under the guidelines of developing a good personality as well as learning life skills.