Athletics Mission

The PE and Health Curriculum of the International Department is an important part of the school-based curriculum and an important part of health education. It is composed of basic, extensive and research courses. Grades 1 to 6 are the basic courses, of which ice and swimming courses are compulsory modules for grades 2 to 6. For 7-12 grades these are offered as optional modules. Students have a total of 24 sports modules to choose from (basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, tennis, kendo, baseball and softball, swimming, volleyball, darts, track and field, karate, Tae-kwondo, ice sports, laser shooting , Gymnastics, sports games, martial arts, curling, touch rugby, aerobic dance, lacrosse, golf and fitness). On the basis of fully respecting the learning interests and needs of students from a variety of countries, this course aims to improve students' athletic ability, develop healthy behaviors, and cultivate healthy lifestyles. It advocates diversified teaching methods and guides students to use structured knowledge and skills to solve problems in sports and health practice, which in hand exerts students’ understanding of fitness and and focuses on the cultivation of sportsmanship and moral character while students develop physical fitness and sports skills. While respecting the development of personality, we guide students to discover their love of sports, cultivate students' sporting hobbies and personality traits, laying a lifelong fundamental for health and fitness.