Primary School

Primary School

SHSID Primary Section covers grades 1 to 5 and is spread across four campuses: Puxi (grades 1-5), Zhangjiang (grades 1-5), Lingang (grades 1-3), and Hongkou (grades 1-5). With the aim of cultivating elementary students into "independent learners" and "responsible global citizens," the primary stage focuses on the developmental characteristics of young learners, conducting a series of educational and instructional activities.

The core subjects are designed to foster cognitive abilities, habits, thinking skills, and self-directed learning abilities. The goal is to enable students to learn how to learn and develop a genuine enthusiasm for learning, ultimately becoming lifelong learners. The character and moral education curriculum operates through three dimensions: personal development, social awareness and competencies, and global awareness and competencies. This is achieved through a diverse range of engaging activities, with the aspiration of nurturing students to be honest, responsible, inclusive, open-minded individuals of exceptional character.

The primary stage of education is considered the first "golden period" of personal development. The school employs educational and instructional activities to facilitate comprehensive progress among students. With a focus on "teaching for the future," the institution aligns the expectations and needs of the future with the current development of students. This approach lays a solid foundation for the holistic growth of children as they journey towards their ultimate achievements.