Middle School Chinese Department: Bloomers in June!—G8 Non-native Chinese Final Award Ceremony

June 18, 2021

The end of the semester is finally here. All teachers and students of G8 non-native Chinese classes gathered at the Zhentao Building lecture hall to celebrate this grand event that honored students’ achievements throughout the year! In G8 non-native Chinese classes, every student can find their places and potentials, be it the most reliable, the most restrained, the most ingenious, or the most versatile. Students were very cheerful at the event. They were awarded medals and certificates, with their excellent works presented and genuine applause for them.

This semester is over. But our memories, all the past, good moments, will last forever. We wished all the best of our outstanding, dedicated students.

To start, the teachers of each language level announced the winners of this semester’s individual awards.

Ms. Yu Manqing—Introductory

8-6 Andrew  Most Potential

Ms. Ni Minxue—Beginner

8-12 Sophia  Most Diligent

Ms. Ma Xinyu—Pre-intermediate I

8-5 Jung Yoonsuk  Most Potential

8-7 Regina  Most Multitalented

8-11 Luca Chen  Most Active

Ms. Liu Chen—Pre-intermediate II

8-11 Yuna  Most Multitalented   8-7 Camilla  Most Diligent

8-12 Jennifer  Most Diligent      8-11 Joy  Most Potential

8-2 Jaden  Most Potential

Ms. Gao Xiaoling—Intermediate I

8-2 Carol  Most Reliable    8-3 Claire  Most Active

8-3 Angela  Most Multitalented   8-7 Victoria  Most Devoted

8-4 Xiangyu  Most Diligent

Ms. Yu Xinwen—Advanced I

8-2 Kate  Most Hard-working  8-11 Chris  Most Persevering

8-6 Frank  Most Serene      8-3 Bryan  Most Restrained

8-2 Christine  Most Expressive  8-12 Josh  Most Artistic

Ms. Liu Dong—Advanced II

8-11 Sabrina  Most Devoted  8-5 Addison  Most Multitalented

8-9 Kate  Most Reliable      8-10 Angelina  Most Restrained

8-5 Rachel  Most Potential

Afterward, the awards were presented to students who excelled in this semester’s creative reading contest. This contest has generated nearly 50 students’ original works, such as Tang and Song Poetry and proses. Students read their compositions to the audience, followed by delightful pictures and music, allowing them to appreciate their works more fully. In summary, five students won awards: one for Best Work and four students for Outstanding Work.

For Best Work: 8-5 Rachel

For Outstanding Works: 8-10 Angelina, 8-4 Xiangyu, 8-7 Victoria, 8-3 Angela    

The most thrilling awarding arrived for students who had been devoted to designing the Graduation Book “My Story with SHS.” Based on their personal experiences, students captured the most unique, memorable moments in this book with photos and words. A total of five winners were selected, including one Best Work award and four Outstanding Work awards. The list is as follows:

For Best Work: 8-12 Sophia

For Outstanding Works: 8-2 Chloe, 8-5 Addison, 8-5 Rachel, 8-9 Kate  

Farewell messages from the teachers of the G8 Non-native Chinese Group with abundant love are as follows:

“I would like to take this opportunity to praise and thank Andrew. He is the only student in my introductory-level Chinese class. Although he came to school this semester, he adapted so fast to the study and life here. I was impressed by his straightforwardness, and he had a good sense of humor. He kept surprising me with his tremendous progress in Chinese learning. And he truly deserved the title of ‘Most Potential,’ a second language never an easy task. I hope that our students can be aware of how beautiful words can be and write about your stories and life in your future Chinese learning. Congratulations on your graduation!”

—Ms. Yu Manqing

“I was so proud to see all my students persisted in learning Chinese, paying attention to every class, and accomplished every assignment perfectly. You can express your own opinions and communicate effectively. The determination you had will help you get closer to your dreams!”

—Ms. Gao Xiaoling

“All my students have progressed towards their goals in the past year. The efforts you put into Chinese learning finally paid off. We are so proud of the amazing achievements you have made. Hope you stay curious and enthusiastic about the Chinese language and culture and accomplish your goals in grade 9.”

—Ms. Liu Chen

“Happy graduation, my students! You may struggle with learning Chinese at times. But every progress you made added up, little by little. I sincerely hope that in your future studies and life, you can explore China and have a better understanding of Chinese culture. Last and most importantly, I am so grateful to have all of you in my class this year, and I will always remember the time we spent together.”

—Ms. Ma Xinyu

All the past is yet the start of the beginning, and all the future is filled with prospects. For every student, today, you all are going to set on a new adventure. Mr. Ni Minxue wished that all the students can stay focused, keep healthy, and work thoroughly to reach their goals.

(Written by G8 Non-native Chinese Group    Pictures by G8 Non-native Chinese Group    Edited by Huang Shiyuan, Mikah Jimenez)