G6 | Parent-Teacher Meeting

September 21, 2023

The 6th-grade parent meeting in the Annex Auditorium of Xianmian Building on the evening of Tuesday, September 19th jointly assisted sixth-grade students in better adapting to the learning life of middle school. The aim was to strengthen the home and school co-educational platform that supports the enhancement of students' independent learning abilities.

Ms. Shen Ying, the supervisor of the sixth-grade team, first introduced the school's teaching philosophy and objectives for the middle school section to the parents. Ms. Shen delivered a detailed keynote speech on the key learning habits and strategies that will most effectively  apply to  various learning tools and teaching resources for students entering the middle school transitional phase. Specific concerns about  teaching routines and student evaluation mechanisms were also explained in detail.

The segment of the parent meeting dedicated to subject introductions was led by the various subject heads. The subject heads covered the learning requirements, processes, and development of relevant skills for students during the middle school stage. The Chinese subject head, Ms. Chen Fan, provided a comprehensive introduction to the school's unique Chinese language program in SHSID. She explained the classification of the program, different requirements at various levels, and how both native and non-native speakers can further improve their Chinese language skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and analyzing texts  during the middle school phase. The English and history subject heads, Mr. Jason Brigham and Mr. Jacob Newman, provided multi-angle, comprehensive explanations to parents about the objectives, requirements, and the importance of developing thinking skills in subject teaching. This insightful interpretation gave parents a better understanding of their children's future learning pathways during middle school. The mathematics subject head, Ms. Zheng Wenyin, emphasized the importance of mathematical thinking during the middle school phase, as well as how to cultivate good habits and the inner drive for active inquiry. The science subject head, Ms. Du Jiani, proposed using interest as a guide to inspire students to embark on their scientific learning journey with enthusiasm.

Finally, Mr. Shen Tianyuan, Vice Principal of SHSID Middle and Primary School,  summarized the importance of home and school co-education for students' growth during this stage. Starting from the overall requirements of the middle school stage, he particularly emphasized two points: "Transformation" and "Harmony." Transformation refers to the various changes students undergo when they enter middle school, and how parents can  adapt and apply interactive learning methods with their children. Harmony refers to the harmonious atmosphere in the family and the cooperation between home and school. Mr. Shen emphasized methods of communication within the family, aiming to make parents warm companions and good role models for their children, serving as strong support for them.

During this meeting, parents listened attentively, took careful notes, and their eyes sparkled with thoughts, all highlighting the beautiful aspect of home-school co-education. "With accumulated strength, there is nothing that cannot be achieved; with collective wisdom, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished!" The smooth holding of this parent meeting not only created a strong learning atmosphere but also ignited the enthusiasm and determination of sixth-grade teachers and students initiative progressing forward. Collective consensus  confirms that each day forward demonstrates further evidence of the productivity in from the diligent footsteps of our children’s lifelong learner journeys of achievement.

Written by Dong Liu

Pictures by Xiaoling Gao

Edited by Serene Yang, Ginger Xu, Cong Luo, Bianca Noguera