2021 Graduation Ceremony

June 7, 2021

On June 6, 2021, in the refreshing morning breeze of early summer, the Class of 2021 students of SHSID ushered in their graduation ceremony. At 8:30 a.m., students and parents entered the campus after body temperature and health information checking. What the masks can't hide were pairs of eyes filled with excitement and pleasure. After entering the school, the students went to the teaching building to change into graduation gowns. Parents went to the Grand Auditorium to witness the events in person or to the Annex Auditorium of Xianmian Building to watch the stream online. The memorial video shown on the screens brought all the audience back to four years ago when the students first came to high school, as if a time tunnel was opened.

In the red carpet ceremony the school thoughtfully arranged, all the graduates dressed in their graduation gown and cap, setting off from the Xianmian Building under the eager watch of teachers and parents. As they slowly walked through the beautiful SHSID campus, for one last time, they took a look at this campus road that had witnessed their hard work, laughter and tears over the past four years.

At nine o'clock in the morning, the graduation ceremony officially started. Following the lead of the eight graduates, the on stage student orchestra played smoothly, and the 100-year-old Grand Auditorium slowly opened its door. The graduates entered the ceremony one by one amidst the applause of their teachers and parents, ushering in the first important life moment of their adulthood.

First of all, Principal Feng Zhigang delivered a speech with the theme of "Facing uncertainty with courage". In his speech, Principal Feng shared his experience of studying as a young student and encouraged the 2021 graduates to remember the harbor of their alma mater when facing difficulties in studying in this increasingly uncertain world. Principal Feng also expressed his compliments to the achievements of the class of 2021.

Listen to the Sound of Blossoms — the College Application Results of the Class of 2021

After Principal Feng’s speech, student representatives Michelle Ding and Alex Shi, and parent representative Ms. Eva Peng spoke in turn. The two students respectively recalled their high school experience in SHSID where they continued to explore themselves in the fields of academics, competitions, and hobbies. In the process of realizing their dreams, they also gained precious relationships with teachers and friendship with classmates. Ms. Peng expressed that her responsibility as a high school parent has finally came to a "graduation". She witnessed her two children graduating from SHSID. The harmonious parent-school relationship jointly escorted the growth of the students.

Following the speeches of the representatives of students and parents was the awarding session. The students who have won Individual Outstanding Awards Talented High School Student Awards, Social Activity Awards, Academic Achievement Awards, and Principal List Awards took the stage to accept their awards in warm applause. Subsequently, the 2021 Honors Students Award winners took the stage to receive their awards, commending their achievements and contributions in various aspects such as academics and activities during high school. And then, there’s a warm moment when Principal Ma and Director Liu presented special gifts to the graduates who have been studying in SHSID for 12 consecutive years.

There was a touching surprise in the awarding session. The formidable captain of SHSID Boys Basketball Team Jimmy who had won countless honors, was awarded the "Extraordinary Contribution Award". He has led the basketball team through major competitions such as the Junior NBA, and has repeatedly achieved good results. He himself also won the Junior NBA "Scoring King" honor for two consecutive years with an average of over 22 points per game, and broke the record of the highest single-game scoring record in Shanghai's league history with 54 points in a game. His spirit of hard work and courage is the epitome of the spirit of every 2021 SHSID graduate.

After the award ceremony, administrators conferred high school diplomas to the graduates. At that moment, every student had a confident smile on the face. The turning of the tassel symbolized the end of the high school and the beginning of a new journey. At the end of the graduation ceremony, student representative Michelle presented the 2021 graduation gift to Principal Ma and Director Liu as the most sincere gratitude and blessing from all the graduates to the alma mater.

After the conferment, the ceremony was coming to an end. All the graduates sang the graduation song "I’ll always remember you" together with 18 chorus leaders. The graduation song in the auditorium pushed the feelings of parting to a climax. The students shouted "Happy graduation" together, making the sincere laughter and tears of reluctance at this moment freeze forever.

Every 2021 graduate is the pride of every teacher and parent of SHSID. Although the four-year high school life has come to a successful conclusion, the alma mater will always watch with support the future endeavors of every graduate. Hope that the students will write a greater chapter on a broader stage and reap happiness and hope in the adventure of life.

Happy Graduation, Dear Kids!

The Door of Your Alma Mater Is Always Open to You!

(Written by Cheer Zhang Pictures by Hui Liao, Hao Sun, 11(3) Mandy, 11(4) Grace, 11(8) Gina, 11(5) Elsie Edited by Joshua Pickart Reviewed by School Affairs Center of High School)