High School Sports Carnival: Be Active! Stay Healthy!

October 15, 2022

The Annual Sports Week was held as expected in the lovely fall.

Opening Ceremony

On the morning of October 13th, high school students enjoyed the opening ceremony of the annual SHSID sports meet. Ms. Zhang Zehong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai High School visited the opening ceremony to cheer on the sports carnival. Foreign and Chinese teachers in high school first brought a wonderful sports performance. After the video introductions were played, the teachers brought us an exciting dance performance that was followed by a Chinese martial art performance by students. This year, Richard, an outstanding athlete from Grade 10, gave the rest of the student body an inspiring speech about his previous glowing sports experiences. Not only were their student-athletes, but a prominent professional basketball player, Wei Liu, also delivered his encouragement via a thrilling video. At the end of the ceremony, High School Principal Ma announced the official start of the sports meet.  

Warm-up Games

Starting on Monday, competitions such as the ring toss, wrist toss, fast cup stacking, a three-legged run, ping pong aiming, half-court basketball, mini golf, sports trivia, limbo, and others started in full swing. Every day at lunchtime, students gathered enthusiastically to actively participate in the competitions or actively take on the role of cheerleaders around the playground platforms of the Zhentao and Xianmian Buildings.


The warm-up reached its peak on October 13, and a full day of sports activities was the climax of the carnival. The activities were divided into different kinds of groups and were carried out in an orderly manner at the same time. The first part was the fun activities, including the wind and fire wheel, balloon transfer, obstacle relay, and turtle and hare race, which were very childish but also so much fun!

Compared to the fun and excitement of the games, the cheerleading that took place in the second half of the event was just beautiful! In addition to the intense practices, the high school students of classes from 9th to 11th grade had been planning, preparing, and rehearsing for this for many days. With dynamic rhythms, the teams of each class performed with their best efforts, displaying their graceful bodies and dancing with unlimited youthful energy, which won the applause of the students and teachers watching in attendance!

3 vs. 3 Final

After several exciting pool matches, the 3 vs. 3 basketball final started that day as well. The students from both sides arrived at the court minutes ahead of schedule and actively trained for three-pointers, mid shots, layups, and passes, busy cooperating with other students. The eyes of these students were full of desire for victory, and more importantly, it was evident that they love basketball and sports. Attacking into the interior line, again and again, attacking fiercely, lay ups again and again, and scoring rebounds, every moment on the court exhibited the perseverant Stallion spirit. Congratulations to all the champions and runner-up teams!

Individual Games

Students took part actively in the individual events. For popular sports like basketball, badminton, and table tennis, teachers designed brand-new game rules. Students from G9 to G12 could be seen eagerly passing balls to each other, gleefully yelling across the basketball court. The teachers in charge of the badminton court challenged partners to exchange 10 balls consecutively in order to earn a stamp. Another badminton booth required participants to serve balls over the net and land them into several hula hoops arranged on the other side. In contrast with previous years, this time, students had to take turns playing the table tennis game, which was a great way to learn the interesting part of this sport and meet new people at the same time.

Students also had great chances to experience relatively unfamiliar sports like baseball, darts, and chess. Putting on a baseball helmet, holding darts ready to accurately hit the bullseye, and holding chess pieces ready to checkmate the King---SHSID students showcased that they are brilliant in both brainy and brawny activities.

Ice skating and laser shooting have always been quite popular sports. During this sports week, students were presented with a precious opportunity of experiencing these sports in Zhongxing Building. At first, they were both nervous and excited about trying these for the first time. Gradually, students started to become more confident and were willing to explore more. This opportunity truly allowed the students to explore sports that are relatively inaccessible at regular times, making the experience even more memorable.

Students vs. Teachers

Sports week is not only a festival for students, as teachers too actively participate to cheer everyone on! The annual teachers' charity run is the most enjoyable activity. The sports meet is not only a team event, an individual event, or a teacher-student competition. In this year's sports meet, the school organized four rounds of teacher-student matches, namely dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

The teacher-student dodgeball match was held on the tennis court. After several rounds of fierce dodgeball matches, the students defeated the teachers with their strength and teamwork! Matches were held in different stadiums respectively, and excellent performances from both teachers and students fully reflected the sports spirit and received warm applause from the audience.

Be Active! Stay Healthy! The theme of this sports week inspired the high school teachers and students with great energy and enthusiasm throughout the whole week. The sharing of sports fun and the promotion of team spirit and unity will continue to drive everyone on campus forward.

Written by:9(9) Joyce Huo,9(4) Rachel Li, 10(10) Chiyori Zhou,  10(7) Victoria Park, 10(4)Joy Yu, 11(8) Yushan Ji, 9(4) Nicole Chen, 9(5) Aimee Mu, 11(1)Yichen Xiong, Picture by SHSID Media Group, Supervised by Yueer Gao, Meijun Shi, Jialong Liu, Meijun Shi