SHSID Class of 2023 Graduation Ceremony

June 7, 2023

After experiencing the changing of four seasons, gathering in early autumn and bidding farewell in summer, the graduation ceremony of Shanghai High School International Division's class of 2023 was grandly held in the auditorium on the morning of June 6th, 2023. At this moment filled with dreams and hopes, Principal Ma led the 12th-grade students from Xianmian Building to walk on the red carpet. The blue school flag of Shanghai High School International Division was fluttering in the breeze, and the students were filled with SHSID's glory, celebrating the moment when their dreams are set to take off.

With the gentle and melodious notes of chamber music filling the foyer, the students made their way into the auditorium. It was a momentous occasion, witnessed by not only the school leaders and teachers, but also the proud parents of the graduates who were gathered there to celebrate this significant milestone.

In the auditorium, the wind ensemble played beautiful notes on the stage, but there were constantly students leaving their seats in the audience. Some began playing trumpets, while others started dancing gracefully. This performance was a joint presentation by the twelfth-grade students of both the orchestra and the L2D drama club. Their unexpected appearances fueled the atmosphere, leaving behind a beautiful moment of their final performance of this journey.

Principal's Address

Principal Feng told the graduates that high school graduation marks a new pursuit towards great achievements. Pursuing realistic goals requires finding one's own interests and abilities and persistence in the face of setbacks. By pursuing the right direction with determination, one can achieve success and happiness.

Valedictorian's Speeches

Victoria encouraged her fellow graduates to celebrate their achievements and follow their dreams with passion. She expressed her hope that every graduate will strive to make a positive impact on the world. Meanwhile, Ivan shared his self-discovery journey at SHSID. He highlighted the importance of knowing oneself and the role one plays in the world. Ivan thanked the teachers for their guidance and his classmates for their support throughout his educational journey. During Ivan's speech, the audience of teachers and students were deeply moved by his authentic and heartfelt words.

Parents' Message

Representing the parents of the graduating class, Mrs. Huang conveyed genuine well-wishes as they embark on a new chapter of their lives. Throughout their time at SHSID, the students have exhibited astounding courage, resilience, determination, and persistence. Both parents and teachers have witnessed their remarkable growth. Finally, Mrs. Huang expressed her hope that the graduates will venture into the world with heartwarming memories of their time at SHSID and continue to shine as a symbol of hope and inspiration wherever they go, creating countless more precious moments.

Award Ceremony

The highly anticipated award ceremony followed, announcing the awards for outstanding individuals, social activities, academic achievements, and the Principal's List Awards. For the graduating students, the title of "Honor Student" undoubtedly serves as the highest recognition for their high school academic performance and extracurricular activities. Max and Victoria were awarded the Diamond Award this year, which also acknowledges their breakthroughs during their high school years. Certificates were presented to them by Principal Feng and Principal Ma.


After the ceremony, graduates eagerly awaited their turn to receive their hard-earned diplomas on stage. With each diploma came a symbolic recognition of their diligence and growth, as well as the vitality and enthusiasm that they had brought to their high school lives. The turning of the tassels showed teachers' congratulations and marked the official graduation of the students, who were now ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

Twelve Years at SHSID

As the last graduate received her diploma, she stayed on stage to share her feelings with the host. This student had a special identity as a 12-year SHSID student. Elaine introduced all 34 of the 12-year students of 2023 to everyone. They had spent the best and most youthful 12 years at the SHSID campus. The school had prepared a special commemorative gift for them, which collected their photos of growth during their time at SHSID.

Gift Presentation

Mimi, the President of the Association of Student Bodies, presented a sentimental gift to the alma mater on behalf of the graduating class of 2023. This gift represents the strong bond between the new alumni and the school, as well as the resolute belief of SHSIDers in unity and hard work.

Graduation Song

At this unforgettable moment, all the graduates desired to convey their heartfelt sentiments to their parents, teachers, and fellow classmates through music. Catie, one of the graduates, composed the 2023 graduation song independently, and accompanied by a student live band, all the graduates united in singing. The performance elevated the atmosphere of the graduation ceremony to a climax.

During your youthful years, you shone brightly like the red sun rising, with a path of great promise ahead of you. May all graduates grow up happily with lofty aspirations, unyielding perseverance, and a bright moral compass. Be courageous, sincere, and open-minded as you navigate the ups and downs of life. Let us not waste our youth, but instead look forward to the future as vast and limitless as the sea!