2022 Science Fair & Talented Students Award Ceremony — Pursue · Excel

November 10, 2022

As Science Fair nears its end, students gathered at the Grand Auditorium for the Talented Students Award Ceremony. It was an acknowledgment of the student's accomplishments over the past academic year, and a reflection of their hard work and dedication.

Mr. Ma Feng, the High School Principal, commenced the ceremony with his speech. Principal Ma first thanked our invited guest speaker -- Academician Ma Shengming for attending this ceremony, then he congratulated the award-winning students for their achievements. SHSID has provided a personalized and lifelong learning platform for all students. Principal Ma also encouraged all students to forge ahead for the greater common good of society and to pursue their dreams tirelessly.

Next came the award delivery, which all the students were looking forward to. Various subject awards, including the fields of the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Arts, Sports and Performance showcased the diversity of talents of SHSID students. Award-winning students came onto the stage one by one as their names were read aloud, and the grand auditorium was filled with warm applause.

In between delivering the awards, student representatives shared their gains and experience over the past few years. Jonathan gave insight into the aesthetics of science. He motivated students to view science through a different lens—connecting science with real-life phenomena through birdwatching and physics photography. Charlie shared her story with social science studies. We are all closely connected to our circumstances, and the field of social sciences offers a window into ourselves and teaches us how to care for others as well as the society we live in. Gavin described his journey in learning math, and how he felt more passionate towards this subject the more he challenged himself. Leo, who has a passion for music, urged his peers to not only base their choices on their capabilities but on their true passions: “Talents can take us a long way, but it is ultimately passion that stays with us ‘til the end of our lives.” The last student representative, Amy who received the Beyond Borders Program Award shared how her curiosity about the natural sciences drove her to creation.

Continuing the theme from Science Fair, a distinguished speaker, Professor Ma Shengming who specializes in Chemistry, was also invited to witness this glorious moment of the award-winning students. Speaking from his own experience, Professor Ma stressed the importance of patience, curiosity, logical thinking, and focus in high school study and research work. He also encouraged students to make the best use of the rich resources SHSID provides to explore science and overcome barricades. All the students in attendance were inspired by his lecture.

As early as October 18th, this year's Science Fair kicked off with the STEM Club Showcase, where interesting scientific activities, exquisite and creative stationery, and enthusiastic on-site experience sessions all ignited people’s passion for science. Exclamations, laugher, and applause rang all over each booth. And a lecture on the theme of "The Written History of Nahuatl" allowed the students to know more about linguistic study from a scientific angle. In Zhentao Building, a number of outstanding student STEM projects are about to be exhibited. The creative contents and rich layers of life relevance illustrate the authors’ depth of independent exploration.

The award ceremony came to an end as the students applauded their peers’ achievements. The words spoken in all of the speeches will continue to inspire the students in their high school journey of learning.

Written by 10(5) Minhan Zhou, 10(12) Cana Cai    Pictures by SHSID Media Group Supervised by:Ms. Meijun Shi, Ms. Mengli Wang)