The Closing Ceremony and Final Performance of the 2022 Theatre Festival

November 30, 2022

On the afternoon of November 28th, 2022, our school’s Black Box Theater hosted the closing ceremony and final performance of the 2022 SHSID Theatre Festival and brought this year’s Festival to its conclusion.

This Theatre Festival brought together twelve different drama clubs from across both divisions of our school, all of whom participated with passion. There were new interpretations of classical plays, original works, different styles and forms of performance and fresh visual effects.

"Cat’s Duet" from SHSID Opera club brought a fabulous opening number.

Hosted by our foreign teacher Mr. Eppler, the improv team "Curtain" played the short-form theater sports game “Oracle” that engaged the audience. “The Oracle,” comprised of all five improv actors on the team, explained the true meaning of  Life, Homework and Love respectively.

The musical piece from Disney’s Encanto delivered a story of miracles, magic, and a Latin American experience.

The actors from the local division elucidated how separated by 300 years of history, Yuan Longping and Song Yingxing both found a common dream through a seed belonging to scientists- and how to to be realistic and therefore benefit the people.

The Peking Opera performance brought audiences into that stirring Three Kingdoms era and allowed everyone to feel both the tradition and innovation- together making its beating heart- of opera.

Shakespeare's classic monologue from The Tempest immersed the audience in Jacobean Drama.

L2D  brought the highlights of the Hollywood musical film La La Land to salute the classics and pursue the dream!

The high school drama club presented an original play Unveiled: Part One that took the audience to a special day on an American Midwest high school campus in 1982.

At the end, the SHSID Opera Club presented a duet from Mozart's classic Don Giovanni "Là ci darem la mano”, thereby allowing the audience once again to feel the charm of operatic art.

Mr. Zhang Shengquan, director of the Shanghai Campus Drama Education Center and a Professor at Shanghai Theater Academy, and Mr. Wen Xiaowei, a famous actor and director of the Shanghai Theater Arts Center, made wonderful comments on the performance of this year’s drama festival.

Professor Zhang used "three beauties" to describe his emotional experience witnessing this year’s Theater Festival: beautiful performance, beautiful feelings, and beautiful life. Director Wen said: through the art festival every year, I saw the gradual growth of students, from “Who am I” to “This is me”.

Every year there will be many new characters, stories and interpretations onstage at each moment; and at every moment of the year, Shanghai High School thespians deliver styles, each with their own unique charm, onstage.  

(Written by Music Department  Pictures by Music Department    Reviewed by Qian Zuo)