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Notice on Summer Vacation and Safety Reminder

July 1, 2023

Summer vacation has already begun. The new semester is tentatively scheduled to begin on August 31st, 2023. The details will be announced by the homeroom teachers in advance.

Students are required to have a well-balanced summer vacation. Meanwhile, parents should also pay attention to students' safety awareness, mental health, physical exercise, eye health, etc., to promote the well-rounded development of the students.

Some safety reminders are as follows.

(1) Safety tips for traveling and outdoor activities

e.g., Please adhere to traffic regulations and transportation norms. Do not play near the roadside or in blind spots of vehicles. Do not use mobile phones while walking or cycling. Do not stop in areas marked as dangerous, and refrain from playing in hazardous areas such as construction sites, rail tracks, or near high-voltage structures, etc.

(2) Safety tips for drowning-prevention

e.g., Teach children relevant skills to prevent drowning. Refrain from playing or engaging in rough behavior in the swimming pool. Constantly strengthen students’ awareness of safety and self-protection. Improve children's ability to avoid danger and self-assistance to effectively prevent accidents, etc.

(3) Home safety tips

e.g., Use electrical appliances, gas equipment, and knives properly. Do not play with fire and learn about fire prevention. Do not throw objects out of windows. Keep a healthy daily routine and a balanced diet, etc.

(4) Safety tips for online activities

e.g., Do not play games with improper content. Do not overindulge in online games or video games. Be careful about making friends online and never meet someone you met online. Be cautious about various online information. Do not spread rumors.

(5) Safety tips for mental health

e.g., Keep yourself honest and optimistic. Communicate more with teachers, parents, classmates, relatives, and friends. When running into trouble, try your best to solve it by yourself. Meanwhile, seek help from others when necessary. Stay positive when facing moments of frustration.

During the summer vacation, if necessary, you may contact the following offices:

We wish you all a safe, healthy, and wonderful summer vacation. Enjoy your holiday!