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Grades 1-2:Open Day

May 27, 2019

May 24th 2019 was an important day for grade one and two teachers, students, and their parents at SHSID, as parents came to school to see their children learn. They joined their child’s class from our morning read aloud time and left just before our students ate their lunch. The parents in grade one observed Chinese, Math, English, and Science classes and the parents in grade two observed Chinese, English, Science and PE classes. Every parent seemed very impressed with the lessons, teachers, and students. This activity has offered all the parents an opportunity to know more about our educational practices, which is aimed at cultivating independent and creative learner to go forth into the world.


Ms. Bao, the vice principal of SHSID and the directer of Primary Section gave a speech to our parents about both the academic and non-academic goals we have for our students, and how we are helping them achieve these aims. Ms. Nicole Efimetz,the head of English also introduced and explained the MAP test that grades two to four had taken and how we would be using the information to better help our students with their studies.

This open day was a great success for all of the grade one and two parents, teachers, and students at SHSID. We all will keep working together to ensure the best possible futures for our students and children.

(Written by Jane Wu        Pictures by Ginger)