Stem Doge Alliance

STEM Doge Alliance

STEM Doge Alliance is a STEM-oriented club that aspires to bring the best of the STEM subjects to students of SHSID. We achieve this initiative through a variety of mediums –an active Wechat subscription account, an entertaining STEM magazine, and fun STEM related events held in school. The subscription account “理工狗的日常” not only releases intriguing scientific articles and fun science facts on a monthly basis, but also puts up practice questions daily and pre-examination study guides before quizzes and exams. We also plan to launch a “Dogepedia” program that functions like an encyclopedia for STEM related knowledge. Besides our Wechat account, we are responsible for designing the STEM magazine. The magazine provides introductions to STEM related clubs and competitions for students interested in STEM. As for STEM related activities on campus, our club had been hosting and engaging in events such as Mole day, Pi day, and Science Fair. Despite the club’s immense dedication towards STEM, we do not all solely specialize in STEM subjects. On the contrary, our club members have a plethora of skills ranging from eccentric artistic taste to a naturally humorous writing style, amounting to a diversified club that can produce a variety of scientifically accurate content in a compelling manner. In the future, we will continue to pursue our initiative by posting more engaging articles, hosting better events, and creating more platforms for the students of SHSID to explore the wondrous world of STEM.