Symposiums Club

Symposiums Club

In ancient Greece, a symposium was "a forum for men to debate, plot, boast, or simply to revel with others."

Now in SHSID, symposiums still retain part of the meaning-"a forum for men to debate", while adding a little more- not only men can join.

The purpose of symposiums is to further students’ thinking and ideas about various issues: some controversial, some practical, some philosophical. We want to challenge conventional beliefs, break them down piece by piece and examine it closely. During this clashing of different words and perspectives, hopefully somewhere a barrier will be broken and everyone will gain a new perspective on the issue. There will never be an organization on campus that asks more whys than us. After all, Socrates did say "The unexamined life is not worth living."

Every Friday, we gather in a small circle, eat, and debate a question or dilemma. Most times we also record each person's opinions onto a notebook.