Music for Patients


Grades 1-8

Founded in 2016, the MFP SL/Club of SHSID aims to spread love and care through music, hoping to soothe tension and troubles through music. At the same time, it integrates social resources, builds a platform for students who love music to display their talents, provides beautiful music to patients and their families, and helps to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. So far, nearly 30 charity concerts have been held in Renji Hospital, Children's Medical Center and other hospitals, which have been highly praised by the hospital and the majority of patients and their families.

In addition to the public welfare activities outside the school, MFP also makes good use of the school's music corner to hold campus lunch concerts, so that students who like music have a stage to play music during a short lunch break, so that teachers and students can listen to music and relax the tense mood of learning.

Every semester, the club insisted on going to the hospital and campus to perform music, and when MFP became a SL group, it tried a very distinctive pop-up performance, which was not only well received by the students, but also promoted the club activities.

Although due to the pandemic, the hospital's public welfare performances have been limited, the love and enthusiasm of MFP have not diminished, and the club will continue to perform in a new school year.

Grades 9-12

Music for People Club (MFP), with a group of students each in possession of various musical talents, began its activities by holding charity concerts in Shanghai Children's Medical Center (SCMC) and Shanghai Renji Hospital. Meanwhile, the club prepared exquisite gifts for hospitalized children in SCMC, encouraging the children to bravely and actively cooperate with medical treatment so as to strive for early recovery.

American poet Longfellow once said that "Music is the common language of mankind". MFP Club believes that "Music is the most beautiful language of mankind" and that "Music is Power". The heart of "Expressing Love by Music" will go on.