Medical Services

Medical Services

I. The goal of the School Clinic

The clinic is run with the mission of prevention first, combining prevention and treatment. It aims to offer help to faculty and students.

II. Departments within the Clinic

Preventive Care Department, Internal Medicine Department, Traditional Chinese Medicine Department (including acupuncture and cupping treatment), Pharmacy

III. The Major Function of the School Clinic

To serve the teachers and students enthusiastically

To provide students free high quality primary treatment

To relieve the teachers’ and students’ pain as much as possible, and, in serious cases, promptly notify the parents and inform the superior hospital for treatment.

IV. The Location of the School Clinic

The New General Affairs Office(Second Floor)

V. Student Insurance

The school has purchased insurance products for each student, such as Student Safety Insurance, Campus Accident Insurance; Medical Reimbursement for Accidents; Hospitalization Insurance.