SHSID Gazette


The SHSID GAZETTE is a well-known service-learning group that is student and teacher lead, consisting of 40 plus students.

We try to publish an issue every month or around a special occasion. Each issue has its own theme and there is a variety of articles to suit every reader’s taste. Our goal has always been to nurture and share our fellow student’s ideas and creativity with the school, but also to inform and entertain. Students who are in this service-learning group can enjoy sharing their article ideas with teachers and the team of editors. They can also participate in selling the issues, to which all profits will be given to a charity for autism. All of our members are very enthusiastic when selling these issues, as it is an experience that brings us closer and allows us to meet new people.

Through the GAZETTE, students can promote their work on and off campus and help to build a stronger community.